Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hybrid Vehicles and the New Porsche

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Everyone who is interested in new electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles, and/or lighter vehicles (such as golf carts, electric wheelchairs, personal transportation devices and scooters) should check out this website:


The company name is Valence Technology. They use a lithium phosphate technology system to create batteries that power electric vehicles.

Valence Technoloy created a lithium battery to run a new Porsche Cayenne SUV hybrid prototype. More information about the Porsche sports car will be talked about next week.

This website talks about the Valence Technology lithium battery:


For information about another Porsche hybrid, the Cayenne SUV hybrid prototype SUV, here is an article:


Hybrid vehicles first started to appear in 2007. They support green living because they cause less polution, thus more eco-friendly to our environment.

Here is a website that contains a timeline of all the hybrid vehicles created and future hybrid vehicles:


Hope you enjoy these wesites and let me know what you think!

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