Sunday, October 7, 2007

Green Cars

How to Make Your Car Green

There are many things you can do with (or without) your car to live a “greener life”. By making tiny changes to your car or lifestyle you can help promote eco-friendly living and save the environment. Here are some things you can try:

1. Buy a Hybrid Car
If you have to drive everyday and you find yourself driving a lot everyday, a hybrid car may be the best solution for you. With all the websites, blogs, and other information about hybrid cars I have posted on here, you should be able to find one that suits you. I recommend the Toyota Prius because it has the best gas mileage out of all hybrids.

Electric Police Car
2. Change the Amount of Driving You Do
Make a driving schedule. Think about the amount of time you spend driving each day and see if there are some things you can cut-out of your day to drive less. Instead of making several long trips, try to find places that are closer to where you are. For example, choose to eat at restaurants that are close to your house or work. Also, instead of driving to places that are 2 minutes from your house, take a walk. You will find yourself enjoying the fresh air and taking a moment for yourself.

3. Carpool
If you drive to school or work everyday, maybe find someone that you can carpool with. This is good for the environment and you will save money on all the gas that you would have otherwise had to pay for.

3. Lower A/C usage
If you want to save more on gas then use your A/C less. Try opening your windows to get air in instead of A/C. I personally prefer open windows so for me that has always been one way of saving gas. Also, I find that darker-painted cars heat-up more than lighter-colored ones. Maybe your car paint may reduce the amount of heat you feel in your car.

4. Stop Speeding!
This one I cannot vouch for because I am a huge speeder. But I have noticed that when I don’t speed I do save a lot of gas… but just driving the speed limit can help save a lot. Also, staying away from stop-and-go traffic will help save a lot of gas as well. If you cannot avoid stop-and-go traffic then try taking the bus. It is fun, especially if you’ve never taken the bus before.

5. Find Good Tires
Good tires can help you save on mileage as well. When you go to purchase a new tire, ask which tire will give you the best mileage.

6. Try Biodiesiel, Natural Gas, or Electric.
Trying these are also very environmentally friendly. The biodiesel and natural gas cars have very little auto emissions. If your car is a 100 percent electric car, then here is no auto emission. I feel that the future is electric cars, just because one day there may not be oil to create gas.

7. Take Car Of Your Car
Make sure to change your oil, your filter, replace brakes, spark plugs and do all other maintenance that is required or your car. Keeping your car “healthy” can help increase the miles per gallon you get on your car.

8. Check Out Some Websites to Get More Ideas:
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Anonymous said...

Hello.... i own a green car-The Reva. Reva is packed with features like easy driving, advanced safety measures, increased speed, range and acceleration. Considering the fuel price and fast depleting environment, this EV (Electric Vehicle) technology really makes me think about this car as the need of the hour

Camelia Todorova said...

Hey! I appreciate your comment! I will look into the Reva.. How long have you owned it for?