Monday, November 12, 2007

Copenhagen Makes the Most of Bikes

The large city of Copenhagen has set a new goal for their city. The municipal government of Copenhagen is spending more money to create better bike lanes and paths for cyclists. Thirty-two percent of the people in Copenhagen go to work by bike. The other two thirds drive a car to work or take the bus.

According to a survey at this site that talks about the 11 most bike-friendly cities in the World, Copenhagen ranks in as the third most bike-friendly city. Fifty percent of people say they cycle because it is fast and easy. It is two spots behind Amsterdam and Portland, Oregon.

Copenhagen city officials want to double the number of cyclists by 2015 as well as increase the speed of which cyclists can go by 10 percent. The city wants to make the environment of cyclists fast and safe. The city will increase a budget of 25 million Danish crowns, which is 3.7 million U.S. dollars, in 2007 to a budget of 75 million crowns to provide for cyclists.

The city provides a lot for cyclists. At subway stops and other public places there are bicycle parking stalls. The city plans to increase the number of these stalls in order to encourage more people to turn to cycling ad also to keep cyclists away from pedestrian and car traffic. The city will also widen lanes to allow more bikes to ride near the streets.

The city also supports a new idea to have a ‘green wave’ for cyclists so they won’t stop at red lights as long as they follow the speed limit. Cyclists will have to maintain a speed of 20 kilometer/hour in order to catch the green wave.

Copenhagen has the sixth-highest quality of life. Cycling may be the reason. It is not only eco-friendly, but it is relaxing and a great way to get exercise-in.

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